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Stevens Point Center Only

We are proud to offer respite care for families looking for a little time away at our Stevens Point center. 

Children in Indoor Playground
What is respite?

Respite is a service organized in conjunction with your county health and human services agency that is intended to offer parents some "me" time. Respite care is not everyday care for your child, but instead is care that allows parents to have a break.

Who is eligible for respite?

Children who are enrolled in their county's Children's Long-Term Support Waiver may be eligible for respite services. Contact your child's county case manager to discuss CLTS benefits. Children with high levels of aggression may be excluded from respite services at Arrow Academy. 

What kinds of things will my child do during respite?

Your child will get to explore our respite facility and enjoy activities such as swinging, trampoline, playing outside, climbing the rock wall, watching a movie or arts and crafts. 

Who is caring for my child during respite? 

​Arrow Academy's respite technicians are often behavioral treatment technicians, but can be solely respite technicians who are trained to provide care to your child with an emphasis

on safety and engagement. Each respite technician is provided the

Arrow Academy orientation and floor training paired up with a

respite technician to learn the ropes. 

Additionally, the respite floor is supervised by a Respite

Supervisor who is observing and available for help,

support or to step in when needed.

How do I begin?

Simply reach out to your county case manager to verify your

respite benefits. Your county case manager may give you instructions

on how to proceed. After benefits are verified, you can print and complete

the Respite Enrollment Packet and turn it in to the Arrow Academy front desk, or, you can scan your completed enrollment packet to Once we receive your enrollment packet we will reach out to you to verify scheduling. Scheduling may take 2+ weeks before your child's first day of respite. 

Days                               Hours

Mon - Fri


8:00am - 5:00pm

9:00am - 5:00pm

Respite Hours of Operation in Stevens Point

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