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Connection over compliance

At the heart of our treatment is connecting and building a relationship with our clients. Treatment at Arrow Academy is not centered around compliance, but trust and heart. We aim to listen to our clients through both their voice and behavior.

individualized learning

Each child who attends Arrow Academy gets a personalized package of lessons, created and managed by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, focusing on the child's interests and skill sets.

child-led over adult-led

At Arrow Academy, we focus on child-led experiences and treatment over adult-led. Allowing the child to show us their interests opens up better learning opportunities and true functional learning.

encouraging individuality

Each child is born to be their own person with their own special interests, likes, dislikes, and strengths. ABA at Arrow Academy aims to honor those individualities and encouraging each child's individuality rather than pushing conformity.

self-advocacy and independence

Self-advocacy and independence are honored during treatment time at Arrow Academy. Behavior is communication and those behaviors often indicate what the child wants or doesn't want. We aim to honor that without forcing compliance.

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