Center-based Treatment

No referral is needed to begin.

Call the center at 715-544-6847 and indicate you are interested in our center-based services. During that phone call, we will take some info from you:

  • Name, DOB, areas of concern for your child 

  • Diagnosis 

  • Insurance information (have your insurance cards ready)

Depending on insurance, other diagnoses may be covered. We are happy to check your insurance benefits for you!​
Please note: We do not accept Tricare Military.

We are currently experiencing a brief wait list for services. Joining the wait list does not mean you are required to start services when you move to the top of the list if your family's circumstances have changed. Please call us for our current best estimate on wait list times. 

Treatment Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 
8:00am - 5:00pm

Download and print our Center Enrollment Packet before your Initial Assessment meeting.

Please bring the completed packet with you and all corresponding documents.

Don't forget to check out our Parent Handbook for rules of the facility and Arrow policies!