Life-skills focus, school-age students.

Our consult services focus on children who are typically school-aged, who need support with learning life-skills or whose behavior is limiting or preventing them from accessing full school days. 

Family Shopping
Who is a good fit for consult services?

If your child is not in need of intensive services at 10 or more hours per week, they might be best served through our consult service.

How are the consult visits structured?

Services can be designed to be implemented in the home, school, or center, depending on the client's specific need. Older clients may come after school or we may be able to work with your child in the home or in school. Hours recommended are based on your child's needs and availability.

How is the service funded?

ABA services are often covered in whole or part by commercial insurance

or ForwardHealth. Insurances may have different requirements as to what

diagnoses will qualify for ABA coverage. Arrow Academy is happy to check your

insurance benefits, but cannot guarantee coverage of ABA services. 


How do I begin?

Families who are interested in consult services can simply call the center to be added to our current wait list. We will then reach out to you when staffing is available and will obtain or help you obtain all necessary documentation to begin services. Our wait list varies and is largely dependent on available staff. We make every attempt to hire qualified candidates regularly. ​