ABA Consultation

Arrow Academy offers consultative ABA services to families who do not need intensive support. Our ABA Consult services are also intended for schools or other institutions looking for support for a specific child.

Children who might benefit from this service are those who might engage in concerning problem behavior at home or school, but may not display many or any skill deficits.

Families who are not interested in our center-based, intensive service may find the in-home support they need through our Consult Services.

The Functional Behavior Assessment

(FBA): An FBA consists of indirect and

direct assessments that include

interviewing people familiar with the

client, reviewing records from other

service providers, observing the client

directly, collecting data or having other

staff or caregivers collect data. The BCBA

then analyzes and compiles this

information to identify the function of

the behavior; or why the behavior is occurring.

When the BCBA knows why, she or he can develop

a plan to correct the problem behavior. Completion

of a formal FBA may take 1-2 months from the

initial interview, depending on the complexity of

the case. Informal FBAs may be sufficient for your case if you would like or need a treatment plan and training. Formal FBAs include a comprehensive report and usually are only included in Consults that require an FBA and none of the additional components.

Individualized Treatment Plan: An individualized treatment plan includes a Behavior Support Plan (BSP) the includes preventative, proactive and reactive strategies for staff or parents to use when addressing problem behavior. The treatment plan may also include replacement behavior that will be taught for the client to use instead of engaging in the problem behavior.

Staff or Parent Training: The last component of the Consult service may include staff or parent training. Caregivers will be trained to implement the BSP that was created in the client’s Individualized Treatment Plan. The BCBA will train staff or parents until they demonstrate the ability to implement the strategies using the Behavioral Skills Training model. Arrow Academy typically allows no more than 3 months spent on staff or parent training before fading out and closing the case.

The length of a typical Consult varies, but can usually be completed in 3-6 months depending on which portions of the Consult are needed in the case. If you are unsure what components are needed for your case, Arrow Academy Behavior Analysts are happy to provide a recommendation of what they believe to be the most important pieces to include in your consult. All or some of the following components can be included:  

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Updated March 2020