Intensive, up to 40 hours per week.

Our center-based services are ideal for those clients who display skill deficits, social deficits and problem behavior. 

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Who is a good fit for center-based services?

Typically, children who need more than 10 hours of support per week are the best candidates for center-based services. Children who are experiencing significant skills deficits or problem behavior are also good candidates. If your child needs lighter support, or only experiences problem behavior in certain environments, he or she might be better suited to our in-home consult support.

How many hours will my child receive?

Arrow Academy's Intensive ABA Services are typically delivered 10 - 40 hours

per week in our child-focused treatment center. The number of hours

recommended depends on your child's individual skill set and intensity of

problem behavior. Recommended hours are discussed with families at the

initial assessment meeting after reviewing different areas of your child's


Who is working with my child? 

​Your family will be assigned a clinical supervisor: a BCBA, who is often supported by a Graduate-level Case Assistant currently working towards obtaining their Master's degree in ABA. These supervisors will lead your child's team and make case decisions with you about your child's targeted goals. 

Your child's direct treatment team is made up of 4-8 treatment technicians who have 40+ hours of ABA related training. Each technician is observed weekly while working with the children and given feedback on their performance and monitored for improvement. Staff also have monthly meetings to review child-specific updates and training.

How is treatment delivered?

Your child's supervisor team will assess your areas of concern and observed areas of delay and develop a treatment plan to address those areas by developing learning programs tailored to your child. This individualized programming allows the supervisor to make modifications to the way the technicians teach, if your child has difficulty learning a new skill.

Treatment is then delivered to your child in a 1-on-1 fashion by a behavioral treatment technician in our treatment center. Technicians follow lesson plans written for your child, based on the way your child learns best. Treatment is broken up into small steps and delivered in small amounts throughout the day. This is where the "intensive" nature comes from. Children work on a learning target several times in a short period, and are then given a short break to play or do something of their choosing and this cycle is repeated. Our goal is to make learning fun and motivating!

How is the service funded?

ABA services are often covered in whole or part by commercial insurance or ForwardHealth. Insurances may have different requirements as to what diagnoses will qualify for ABA coverage. Arrow Academy is happy to check your insurance benefits, but cannot guarantee coverage of ABA services. 

How are parents kept involved?

Parents are communicated with both daily and

weekly, and schedule monthly in-home visits with

their BCBA to work on skills or concerns in the

home. Parents also attend quarterly progress

reviews to review progress on goals and observe

their child working with his or her technician.

Parents are an important part of the treatment

team and we encourage parents to contribute

recommendations and discuss concerns during

the entire process to give guidance to your child's

treatment goals and process.


How do I begin?

Families who are interested in services can simply call the center to be added to our current wait list. We will then reach out to you when staffing is available and will obtain or help you obtain all necessary documentation to begin services. Our wait list varies and is largely dependent on available staff. We make every attempt to hire qualified candidates regularly. 

Treatment Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 
8:00am - 5:00pm