New to Autism

When your child first gets diagnosed with Autism, it can be either reassuring knowing your suspicions have been confirmed or a roller coaster of emotions. Did I do this? How could I have let this happen? Am I a terrible parent? 

All of these thoughts are normal and you are not at fault or alone! For additional information on support, visit our Support page. 


The next decision to make is what form of treatment is best for your child. There are many therapies that target the Autism population, but parents must be wary of pseudo-treatments. 

Ensure the treatment you choose for your child is evidence-based. Evidence-based means that the treatment is proven to be effective because it has been researched and found to make the improvements it claims to make. Any treatment you choose should be founded in a solid bed of research.

Once you have the evidence-based treatment that best fits your child, ensure you know what individuals are qualified to oversee that treatment. For example, any ABA company should have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst on staff. The more you see a BCBA while your child is in treatment the better. Ask lots of questions on how the qualified staff are involved in your child's treatment before selecting a treatment provider.

Talk to other parents with children on the spectrum. Many families welcome questions and have a lot of experience to draw from! 

At Arrow Academy, we want to ensure you have a treatment that fits your family and if our services aren't the best fit, we will help find an alternative evidence-based service that will be better suited to your child's needs!

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Updated March 2020